3D TD: Chicka Invasion – 3D Tower Defense! 1.5.0 APK


No, not again! The earth is being invaded yet again. Harambe once invaded the earth. The aliens also did several times. Now that we are just heaving a sigh of relief, Chickas have invaded the earth yet again. Are you still watching? You need to get ready for series of battles right away? You need to save the earth from the claws of chickas. The time is now. Delay can be dangerous

Although Chickas look a lot like chicken, they are different from chicken and they are never to be eaten. The game comes with its own unique concept and storyline. 3D TD: Chicka Invasion MOD APK is nothing but good news to gamers. It offers what players look for in a game. Is it the endless fun and thrills? Is it the challenging gameplay? Do you want a game that will engage you so much that you will forget about the rest of the world? You can get it all in this game.

This game is 3D Tower Defense game. Many people don’t know that chickas came from Blackhole. These annoying creatures were defeated in 2012 but they are right back! This time they are deadlier and they are meaner.

Your main objective is to keep defending the earth by building a tall and strong tower of defense. You have to build as fast as possible because chickas are approaching fast. While building, you can also roll boulders towards chickas.

Some of the great features of the game:

♦ More than 1000 levels of battles

♦ More than 100 towers to be built

♦ Numerous defense combinations

♦ Encounter deserts, flying whales and dungeons

♦ Challenging gameplay

♦ Useful items like planes, balloons and ships

♦ It is free to download

It has been downloaded and installed over 100,000 times.The game works best on Android 4.1 and above. Some minor bugs were fixed during the last update. Although the game is free, in-app purchases are available.

What's New

1.New Maps: Immerse yourself to its infinite vitality on the soccer pitch!
2.New Characters: Chicken goalkeepers and players vs. you!
3.Soccer Events: Bring you the top soccer competition in the world!
4.New Cards: Brand-new Mine Cards bomb up!
5.Tutorials optimized for better playing.
6.Pause-Shot-Share added for happier and easier sharing.
7.Initial preparation can be skipped to start battles faster.
8.Level difficulties balanced for you to challenge more comfortably.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: CMGE Group Limited
  • Version: 1.5.0
  • Downloads:
  • Android Requirements: 4.1 and up

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