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An interesting game has just been released named Aero Strike developed by Joymax studio. It is based on a real shooting game where you need to fight with your competitors. The graphics of the game are adorable without being too cutesy, game play is easy to understand and the control systems are designed in a way that makes the learning process simple.

As always you need to play hard and mostly smarter if in case you want to be a master of this game. So, to be more specific complete your formation in the best you can, control it strategically and become the top dog. Your main objective is to grow and upgrade your jets to become even more powerful. But that is not all, you have the ability to use your Aircrafts, Drones, and Equipment to assemble the optimal formation as well.

It is packed with at least fun stages which comes with many powerful rewards. By playing this game you have the chance to experience the dynamic game modes, carefully crafted missions, and endless challenges, isn’t cool?

The game gives you the offer to be one of the best pilots that word have, thanks to some features named “Ranking Match” and “Ace Mode”. All I want from you is to do your best since you’ll have to test your skills with others around the world through the “Arena” mode.

Remember this action, yet addictive, game comes with a wide range of features that will boost your level of enjoyment. According to the its company the game will be updated regularly with new features. Would you like to find out more about other great action games like this game that you may have missed out on? Stay tuned to this website for future updates.

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