Angry Birds Epic RPG 3.0.27463.4821 APK


At this point, it may seem as if the Angry Birds crew has gone everywhere there is to go and seen everything that there is to see. However, with Angry Birds Epic MOD APK, we are able to find out that you can teach an old bird new tricks.

Underneath all of the bells and whistles lies a prototypical role playing game, but there is also a unique twist. There is no princess to be saved, no objective to complete and there are zero side quests that require players to explore strange and new towns.

The map is linear and easy to follow, giving players the chance to experience a series of fights against the evil pigs that simply can’t leave our feathered friends alone.

The game’s combat style is simple and easy to grasp and all you need to do is drag a bird over to your chosen opponent in order to launch an attack. As you continue to advance throughout the game, you are able to collect more of your pals along the way and each of them has their own special attacks that can be used to your benefit.

Game play is fairly straightforward, but there are certain discoveries to be made beneath the surface. There are all kinds of new pig baddies to contend with and you’ll also need to learn how to craft new weapons that work to your advantage in addition to using the loot that you collect to brew specialty potions and swap out headgear as you move up in class.

Once I got the hang of Angry Birds Epic MOD APK, I found myself engrossed and playing on a regular basis. If you are someone who finds themselves interested in Angry Birds games or RPGs of this nature, be sure to keep this website in mind for all your future review needs.

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