Angry Birds Match – Free Casual Puzzle Game 3.3.0 APK


The Hatchlings are out again! Matching items will enable them to retrieve their stuff from the evil pigs. Players can now encounter a new crew of amazing Hatchlings from the recent Angry Birds Movie. The mean piggies will spoil the area again. They have broken the hatchlings stuff! It’s up to players to be the heroes by matching the items to pop the pigs as well as retrieve the hatchlings’ toys. Once they have been retrieved, they can be arranged anyhow the player want. The player can then play with the adorable bundles of cuteness.

Other Angry Birds are there to help too! Red, Chuck, and Bomb can be brought in to lend a hand by matching four or more items. Matching four or more identical items will unleash the angry bird’s characters which different tasks help the player to complete that level. Some of the game’s best features are:

• Arrange the hatchlings’ furniture and toys

• Connect with friends on Facebook

• Matching four or more items will bring out more Angry Birds

• Offline play

• Returning the Hatchlings’ stuff earns players valuable gifts!

• There are more than 300 exciting levels

• There are more than fifty darling Hatchlings

• Use cool boosters at tricky levels.

• Various challenging puzzles – pop pigs, and obtain delicious treats

Characters in Angry Birds Match MOD APK include Red, Bomb, Chuck, Hatchlings, and the Bad Piggies. Every level is different in a grid shape, and they are filled with different items from the movie adaptation of Angry Birds. Sometimes, obstacles or blockers are in the grid as well.

The move of the game is basically to swap to object’s positions in an attempt to align a set of three or more of the same item, after which they disappear. This causes other items around them to move and fill up the space created. The alignments can be horizontal or vertical.

What's New

Get ready for a magical matching journey! Enter the Twilight Forest – an enchanted wood flitting with fairies, teaming with beasts (ahem, piggies), and overflowing with fun challenges!
– Meet 3 new Hatchlings
– Collect 9 whimsical new outfits
– Complete challenges and earn magnificent rewards!

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