Angry Birds Star Wars II Free 1.9.25 APK


The concept behind this release of Angry Birds is a relatively straightforward one much like the previous ones released. In this edition of Angry Birds, Rovio has given some of the stars special powers and abilities. Jar Jar Binks is one of the best out of the new characters. During a fight, a grappling-hook tongue can be launched. And with this, the objects can be grappled onto, even pigs. Some stages of the game allow a player to latch onto a TNT crate, with coordinated timing swing it around the bird, and release it somewhere within the Sith Pig area to detonate.

Angry Birds Star Wars II MOD APK has a lot of achievements. When these accomplishments are finished, it will unlock rewards including tokens (for the shop); packs of bird and pig tokens, and special stages. To unlock a specific character’s Reward Level, a player has to earn a particular amount of damage points with the same character.

Some of the best features include;

♦ Players can choose to either play as birds or as Pigs

♦ Birds and Pigs have their unique abilities

♦ The Mighty Eagle is replaced by the Millennium Falcon

♦ Players have the option to replay any stage when their abilities are upgraded

♦ Birds can still use their abilities in a split second after collision with another object

The game features collectible items that are scattered all across the game and in areas that are a challenge to reach. Some elements in the game can be difficult to break, for instance, glass and wood might break easily, but metal surfaces might require a few hits to circumvent. Although players can be able to finish a stage with the set of provided default birds, the bird line-up can be swapped with some new ones. Each bird or pig is different and with different destructive abilities.

What's New

We used Jedi mind tricks to fix some minor issues and give you an even better game experience! Thanks for playing, and may the birds be with you!

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