Angry Bull 2017 1.1 APK


Angry Bull 2017 MOD APK is an action game which come with amazing and sharp graphics. The game begins in Pamplona and you need to control an angry bull in this bustling town. All you need to do to get started is to use your horns to ram buildings, fences, balconies, and vehicles.

There are many game play modes to choose and after you decide which mode to play you can start to perform high jumps and attacks. You will be faced with many angry other animals such as street dogs, cats, and rats so, fight them and then terrorize your neighborhoods.

This is not all, the players of this game have the chance to customize their bulls by adding a rocket in this way you will be able to fly around the town roads and also escape from police. You can also add a jetpack on to achieve maximum destruction points.

There are a wide range of new levels and features to be enjoyed, including:

♦ Realistic sound effects and animations

♦ Amazing moves and tricks.

♦ The ability to play Angry Bull 2017 in different modes

♦ Multiple action packed missions that will keep you coming back over and over again.

♦ The ability to play anytime, anywhere, with or without an Internet connection.

♦ The opportunity to customize your bull with different items and gadgets.

It is one of the more unique gaming experiences that I have been able to enjoy in a long while and those who will play this game for the first time will not be disappointed.

What's New

• Cool game play with thrilling challenges
• Amazing Sound Effects!
• Stunning 3D Graphics!
• Super cool Moves!
• Amazing Environment to explore!
• Interesting Scenarios to complete!
• Multiple action packed missions
• Town area and Arena with no shortage of preys
• Realistic Bull Sound Effects
• 3D Bull Running Animation
• Amazing Bull fighting modes to choose for thrilling adventure
• Color your bull with different flags
• Bull jumping over hurdles & creating Destruction

Extra Information

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