Arcane Quest HD 1.1.2 APK


Arcane Quest MOD APK offers a special experience for role playing gamers, as it combines the world of RPG with a board game style format. Those who are familiar with the 1990s classics that have come to define the genre will find a lot to enjoy, while there is also plenty to offer to gamers who do not consider themselves experts of the genre.

You can play in the traditional rolling dice style made popular by the laptop version of the game, fight off various orc hordes and do battle with giants and other terrible creatures who are committed to providing your untimely demise.

This game has also been brought back with a major graphic improvement, as it is now rendered in 3D. The game play is easily understood by gamers of all skill levels and there are tons of helpful enhancements that are crafted with the player’s enjoyment in mind. There are also several different features for Arcane Quest MOD APK players to utilize, including:

? Up to eight different heroes for players to choose from, each of which comes with their own unique skill set.

? Over 50 quests to complete, so that gamers do not ever have a chance to become complacent or bored.

? A 100 percent free game with no unlockable content and a wide range of equipment to use in order to guide your players into battle.

? A quests editor that allows players to create their own quests and play quests that have been crafted by fellow players.

? Several language translation options available, including Spanish, Italian, German, French and English.

Arcane Quest MOD APK is a wonderful tribute to the RPG classics that so many of us grew up on and if you would like to learn more about more great role playing games that you should be adding to your collection, be sure to check back for further updates.

What's New

Added support for 64 bit CPU

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Nex Game Studios
  • Version: 1.1.2
  • Downloads: 50,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.1 and up

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