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First of all, it is very important to mention the fact that this game has not yet been released officially. However, the official release is anxiously awaited. Despite being yet-to-be released, a lot of people are already enjoying the game all over the world. It is a battle game where players make use of different types of characters and weapons to fight.

It is not just about battles. The battles are backed by a very compelling storyline which makes every battle a mission. The more mission you accomplish the more you unravel some over 2000-year-old mysteries. The game allows you to collect useful materials through raising of livestock and fishing. You can use the gathered materials to produce goods that you can sell and make money.

By now you will be wondering where the battles lie. In the game, you will need to plunder merchant vessels to earn gold. This is where the real battle begins as the merchants also come fully prepared. You can sell off specialty goods seized from defeated merchants. This is a very easy way to get very rich. All the moneys you earn on the goods are all your profit since you got the goods for free.

There are several different modes of battles and each battle is unique and this adds to the anxiety and excitement of the game. You need to dominate your battles by taking control of all of the four characters.

The summary of the attractive features of the game are:

♦ Stunning graphics

♦ Diversity of battle modes like Boss Raid, Single player and others.

♦ It is free to download

♦ The battles are never ending

♦ The gameplay will get you excited right from the very beginning

Being a pretty new game yet to be released, it has just been installed about 50,000 to 100,000 times. The game supports Android 2.3 and above. It is a game that will definitely take the world by storm when released.

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