Army Men Strike – Military Strategy Simulator 3.13.4 APK


Army Men Strike MOD APK is a unique game. This game offers players excellent controls, seamless graphics, and outstanding gameplay. Here, players can play like children while fighting like adults. Players have the privilege to return to childhood days with its unending adventures. Players have access to green armies and can lead these armies to win combats. Players can defend their bedrooms using rubber docks, remote-controlled planes, and transformers.

They can do this using many other available children tools in the game. Players play to defend their bedrooms, hallways, and backyards against evil legions. Here, players have the privilege to compete with real players to conquer territories. Players can strategize to win by building and deploying troops with their heroes. The use of good strategies can help a player win a large army of enemies.

The game play for Army Men Strike MOD APK is set on a Lilliputian World. In this world, players can build their battle army headquarters. They have access to money-box which serves as a treasury. Players have access to little trains. They can use these trains to transport their resources within the game. Players have the privilege to collect magnetic metals.

Each collected metals have their unique functions. On this game, players can design and grow their ultimate battle robots. They have the privilege to recruit elite toys that serve as heroes. These heroes are to lead a player’s army in the battle field. Players have the ability to grow and upgrade their army. Here, players can promote their flamethrowers, snipers, tanks, and other through game upgrades.

Army Men Strike MOD APK is an awesome game. Once installed, players can access the following features;

? Expand, exterminate, and access to compete with real players

? Privilege to build fortifications against enemies and invades

? Ability to strategize to win by building and deploying strong troops

? Privilege to play with other players from around the globe

? Ability to outwit enemies using intelligence and outstanding timing techniques

? Access to chat with other players from around the globe

The Army Men Strike MOD APK is an excellent battle ready game. Players can compete or cooperate with alliances. Players have the opportunity to fight and win battles in a variety of places. Play to experience your childhood again.

What's New

Version 3.13.0

#2 days to Halloween#
Halloween is coming in 2 days. The commander center is decorated with Halloween themed items.
Jack-o-lanterns, skeleton wallpaper, mini tombstone and ghost tree. Also the wizard hat and bedclothes are set up for Halloween.

Ride Demon Ship with Dark Soul and Fantom Rider to the Halloween party!

Update the game to have all the new features above.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: VolcanoGames
  • Version: 3.13.4
  • Downloads:
  • Android Requirements: 4.2 and up

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