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Backyard Blast MOD APK is the most appealing match-2 collapse puzzle game ever. In this game, players collect, blend, pop, and eat their way using two adorable characters. These characters are the corgi Ringo and the adorable hamster pal Mocha. Players meet Ringo’s appetite for fruits and Mocha’s love for cheese. They achieve this by helping Mocha to munch on irresistible cheeses as they clear the way. Here, matching two or more blocks with same color help players to blast through the puzzle. Players can create special blocks by combining more blocks. Doing this helps them to achieve a higher score and at the same time clear levels in an easy manner.

The controls, gameplay, and graphics are nothing short of excellent. Players can either play alone using Ringo or compete with friends. To climb the leaderboard, a player must win games with best scores. In this game, players have fun solving puzzles in a colorful manner. There is the privilege to earn daily bonus and gain rewards for each win. This game is challenging courtesy of the mix of objects and obstacles available. In Backyard Blast, the missions and levels are very tasking.

In this game, a player must think before making moves. There are varieties of booster equipment available to players. Players use the equipment to assist Ringo in clearing the way. The equipment includes angry bombs, thunder hammers, and missile forks and many others. The game strategy is outstanding.

Unique Features of the game

Players can enjoy the following;

♦ Access to a unique, simple, and fun gameplay

♦ Access to ever expanding fun-filled levels and mission

♦ Access to daily bonuses and rewards

♦ Access to booster equipment like angry bombs, missile forks to assist Ringo

♦ Opportunity to play with friends on social media platform like Facebook

♦ Opportunity to play anywhere, anytime, and even while on the go.

Players can play the game for free after download. But some in-game items are available only after purchase. Feel the vibe and download this incredible puzzle game.

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