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While there are some who might consider themselves to be too cool for social games, Battle Camp MOD APK definitely stands apart from the crowd when it comes to this somewhat maligned genre. Battle Camp also provides an interesting genre mix that gives players from a variety of gaming backgrounds a greater opportunity to enjoy themselves.

This game immediately endeared itself to me by having a lighthearted sense of humor and refusing to take itself too seriously. There is no long winded intro, no lengthy tutorial (although there is a short one) and very little pomp and circumstance.

The game also gets directly to the point, which is a breath of fresh air in a genre that tends to be a bit self serious and a major attribute that works in its favor.

There are a handful of presets that allow you to create male or female characters and from there, you are off and running at a moment’s notice. The objective of Battle Camp is simple. You have a handful of adorable monsters in your possession and you will wander around the map looking for other people who have their own set of monsters to do battle with.

As you continue to win battles, you are able to collect common monsters, additional energy and XP, as well as rare monster parts. Having the ability to create chain combos that lead to multi monster attacks was one of my favorite aspects of the game and definitely increased my level of interest as it went on.

Battle Camp MOD APK is certainly one of the more interesting social games to come along in a while and even those who do not consider themselves fans of the genre will find plenty to enjoy. To learn more about other games like this one, come back as often as possible.

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