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Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics MOD APK has amazed me and mostly top game lovers with its characters and cartoon style art. For those who have played also an another strategy game like this game which is called Clash Royale might look that they both are similar however, Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is more different.

In this game, you’ve to build up a deck with units such as snipers, tanks, and jeeps. In the left side of the screen of your phone, you have an energy bar and every time you select a unit the energy bar will decrease slowly. The energy bar will refill automatically but if in case you do not have enough juice to select units you have to wait a few hours.

It is all about defense at first and then balancing attack. I have played the game for a few days and I should say that against players are too strong to have a chance of defeating. So, once you start with this game, play hard but remember mostly smart.

Your main job here is to take down your opponents and theirs main tower while defending your own as much as you can. Do well on the battlefield, and only then you will be awarded with crates full of weapons and tools of mayhem to collect and upgrade.

The game comes with a number of unique attributes, so let’s take a closer look at all of the features players are able to enjoy, shall we?

♦ The chance to fight in skirmishes with rivals from all around the world.

♦ The ability to customize dozens of units and power-ups in all-out war but unlocking and upgrading them.

♦ Daily awards that are not only generous, but free to claim.

♦ An interesting system about gifts and donations, since you can received them from Faction buddies and help them advance up the ladder.

♦ Regular updates designed to remove any and all bugs and improve game play.

The game offers the sort of fun challenge that keeps players coming back and it is one of the better strategy titles currently available. To find out more, be sure to return to my website as often as possible.

What's New

Several upgrades and bug fixes for an overall smoother time playing.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Gameloft
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • Android Requirements: Varies with device

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