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Farming just got a lot more interesting! If the land is not enough to fulfill your farming dreams, get ready to farm in the sky and discover enchanting pets in your sky journeys. Breed Animal Farm MOD APK, a 3D farming simulator gives you another experience entirely when it comes to the world of farming. The magical world in the sky awaits you and with it comes a lot of fascinating locations for you to explore. Travel to distant lands and rescue as many cute pets as you can to start breeding. Sail in style on the airship as over a hundred magical animals are waiting to be rescued and several rewards to be collected.

Build the best farm for the pets and customize it to your taste. The more you climb levels, the more pets you stand to rescue. Therefore, you can alter the shape and size of your farm to express your style. Also, if you love to grow fruits and vegetables, you can also do that on your farm. Plant your favorite fruits and vegetable, culture them and harvest them in new and innovative ways. You can also trade around the global sky to earn valuable goods. Use every precious cube you get as you level up to expand your garden and farm, making the layout into unique shapes.

The game Features:

♦ 3D magical farming simulator

♦ Travel to enchanted land

♦ 100+ cute animals to be rescued and bred with every level-up

♦ Fascinating methods of growing food and vegetables

♦ Customizable breeding site and gardens

♦ Trading with another farmer in the global sky

♦ Airship rides and amazing rewards

Can you rescue the mystical animals and breed them as pets? Fly on the airship today, rescue and make a place for the amazing pets become the best breeder in the global sky. If you love pets, farming or saving the world, it is the best game for you.

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