Brothers in Arms® 3 1.4.9a APK


Brothers In Arms 3 MOD APK does not profess to reinvent the wheel and while there are a number of subtle changes that have been made, some significant alterations have taken place. The short missions and World War II setting remain and gamers still have the option of completing a mission with their chosen partner.

While the first two entries in the series were premium titles, Brothers In Arms 3 MOD APK has integrated several “freemium” elements. There are now a timed upgrading system and a dual currency system. An energy mechanic is also present during missions.

The new elements do not disrupt game play and I did not find them onerous. Players still receive a sizable amount of energy to start missions with and they also have the ability to increase their overall level of energy by leveling up.

As the game continues, the missions become more difficult and players will have to expend a larger amount of energy to complete them. You’ll also need to replay missions on a regular basis, which take more energy, but keep players from becoming bored with the game too early.

In order to achieve true success while playing Brothers In Arms 3 MOD APK, players must collect the proper amount of currency. Since certain missions require certain weapons to complete, you cannot rely on your ability to complete them in order to obtain said weaponry. Keeping a decent amount of the currency that you need close by is in your best interests, so that you are not left to wonder why you cannot complete a certain stage.

All in all, Brothers In Arms 3 MOD APK takes a great step forward from the first two entries in the series and potential players are bound to enjoy the subtle changes that have been made. If you would like to remain fully up to date on all the latest titles, be sure to check back often.

What's New

The summer update is here!
- Secret events are back with various missions and more rewards!
- Introducing 3 new weapons. They're obtainable via events and will be purchasable later!
- Various game performance improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Gameloft SE
  • Version: 1.4.9a
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.1 and up

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