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This is a game of shooting where players build their base camp gradually and amass oil and gold in the process. They also try to destroy enemies’ base camps while they build theirs. It is recommended for children of 12 years and above. Celerium is a very useful item in the game. It can be used to speed up camp building process or heroes healing process. It can also be used to purchase oil or gold. Due to how beneficial Celerium is, it can be purchased with real money.

A good thing about the game is that there is no gambling content and no annoying advert. The game can be played for free although you can buy some valuable stuffs like Celerium with real money. It is not compulsory.

Any mobile device with an operating system as low as Android 2.3.3 can play the game very well but any lower operating system may not work. The game was developed by Activision Publishing, Inc. Over 10 million players have downloaded and installed the game on their device.

The new features that were added in the recent update are Command Center 12, Flamethrower Turret, New Alliance War Event and Several optimizations and bug fixes. Like all other popular games, it offers stunning and highly immersive graphics.

The sound track of the game is another remarkable feature of the game that is worthy of mention. The game application is very fluid and highly responsive. Responsiveness is the most important feature in any mobile game. That is what usually determines the success or failure of any game. No player likes to play any slow or non-responsive game. Although there are several war games, Call of Duty APK is quite unique. All its heroes/characters are unique. Why not try it out since it is free and you have nothing to lose.

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