Chicken Splash 3-A Free Match 3 Puzzle Game APK
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Chicken Splash 3 APK has just been released and till then it’s been downloaded more than 1 million times only on Android devices. As always GoodLogic studio has developed interesting games which are very addictive and one of them is Chicken Splash 3.

The story of this game begins when chicken mother wanted to revenge, hateful owl quietly kidnapped & trapped a few chicken babies and hid them in the jungle. Now, chicken mother is very worried, who immediately led the children embarked on a dangerous journey. Also, in order to avoid the mother’s track, the owl also sent a group of hamsters to prevent the chicks forward, isn’t interesting?

The game players are able to enjoy a number of excellent features as well, including:

♦ A plethora of levels which are fun to play and constantly updated to bring you a steady stream of fun levels.

♦ Hundreds of game modes with different tricks.

♦ The leaderboard feature which lets you watch your friends and competitors with ease.

♦ Special boosters with the help of which you can easily pass tricky levels

♦ The graphics are top of the line, the controls are easy to understand and the game can be learned quickly.

It is one of the best games of its kind and if you would like to learn more about other casual games, stay tuned for further updates.

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