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This game was formally created for game arcades but a mobile version was recently created. It has a great storyline that leads to a fantastic gameplay. You already have endless missions waiting for you. In the game, you are a comic book artist trapped in a comic book world that was created by you. You need to fight several enemies one after another.

You will have to face the Mutant Queen in a fierce battle and also fight through the dead ship and Lava Mines. If you survive both, you will also have to deal with Mortus to be able to escape. Comix Zone MOD APK is free to download. However, the free version is not ad-free. You need to pay to upgrade to an ad-free version.

The graphics of the game is wonderful and so are the characters. Being an arcade game that was just redesigned for mobile platform, you will enjoy it more with a wider screen. In fact, the bigger the screen the more the fun and thrills of Comix Zone. The sound effects are also great. There is no how the characters in the game won’t get you immersed for hours.

Some of the wonderful features of the Comix Zone MOD APK game are:

? The game is free to download

? You can save your progress and continue at a later time

? There are leaderboards that display the names of the players with the highest scores

? There are several superhero power-ups

? You can play it in offline mode

? You are equipped with paper planes, dynamite, knives and hand grenades

Comix Zone MOD APK has been downloaded and installed up to five hundred thousand times and still counting. While it works best on Android 4.4 and above, it can also work on lower operating systems but there might be a couple of issues here and there. In all, it is a very interesting game that will be difficult for you to put down once you begin playing it.

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