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In a post-apocalyptic world as the aftermath of a nuclear war, do players have what it takes to survive the diseases, hunger, and radiation all around them? That is what Day R Premium brings to mobile phones. In this game, they have to travel across a large span of the earth to save their families – If they’re alive, that is.

Players will have to uncover hidden secrets and regain their memory on their journey as they face countless injuries, thirst, zombies, and enemies on your path. They have the ability to craft their resources including weapons, transportation, and clothes.

Best features of the game include:

? Co-op mode

? Different difficulties to choose from (sandbox, real world, or online.)

? Survival simulator

Some things don’t change easily. But in an 80’s simulation of a post-apocalyptic earth, anything can happen. Players can choose to face the difficulty alone, or they can join other survivors and face different challenges together.

What's New

✔️ Now you can change your name for online-mode in settings
✔️ Many server-side changes for online-mode
✔️ Some bugs fixed

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