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The creators of Farm Heroes and Candy Crush Saga are back again with their latest creation, Diamond Digger Saga. The puzzle adventure game provides you with the chance to dig for a series of diamonds and unearth a variety of treasures. The main character’s name is Diggy (get it?) and your job is to help him find the aforementioned treasures.

There are a number of lands to visit and a variety of adventures await you. As the game begins, Diggy locates a treasure map and from there, the underground search is on and you will need to find various gems to achieve your objectives.

To create a path, you’ll have to match three or more diamonds at a time until you reach your target score. The water can be used to make your way around and as you discover additional rooms, you will find several hidden treasures.

The graphics are beautiful, which only serves to add to the delightful atmosphere. You have the option of inviting friends to join you in your quest or you can go it alone if you feel so inclined. Should you decide to include your friends, you can compete with them for high score supremacy and enjoy the following features of Diamond Digger Saga MOD APK:

? Very colorful graphics that are designed to draw the player’s attention

? Dynamite, line blasts and color bursts that all serve to offer a helping hand.

? Hidden treasures and special boosters beneath the floor tiles.

? A game play style that lends itself well to those who wish to pick up the title and begin, yet remains difficult to master.

? A series of fascinating and fun loving characters that exist within an intriguing fantasy world.

Diamond Digger Saga MOD APK is a great entry in the puzzle adventure series and readers who wish to find out more about other great games in this vein are urged to return regularly.

What's New

It’s time to embrace your inner Diggy!

In this update you’ll come across 15 NEW LEVELS in a weird and wacky world! Watch out for Diggy’s new pal on your way, we’ve heard they are a fan of the high-five!

Be sure to update to the latest version for all the new content!

Extra Information

  • Developed by: King
  • Version:
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  • Android Requirements: 4.0.3 and up

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