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Digimon Links allows players to connect real and digital worlds. Developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, this role-playing game brings all your Digimon favorites to life. Players get stronger with the bond they form with their Digimon, and it is also their responsibility to find out the cause of the disturbance in the digital world.

In this game, players will take part in a 3-on-3 fierce command battle. There are skills available that can help players lead their Digimon to victory, some of which includes Leader Skills, Legacy Skills, and Signature Skills. You can use the awareness of resistance and attributes to destroy your enemies. The game comes with other pre-installed features;

♦ Players can build their farm and raise Digimon

♦ Several added effect available

♦ Players can take breaks to create facilities to power up their Digimon

Players can make use of added effects to seize victory as they return to battle from their break. There is a whole range of facilities available for players. The game presents an awesome opportunity to create a personal unique digi-space. Players will be able to capture digital monsters at different stages of evolution. When not partaking in the creature-cultivating business, players will be part of story missions. Players can also form a team of their own favorite critters, which they can pit against other critters.

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