Family House 1.1.127 APK
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  • 2.3 oder höher
  • Version: 1.1.127
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Family House MOD APK may well be the ultimate house creation game. This is not a simple doll house game at all. The design and techniques involved in the game combine real life, fantasy, and the chance top explore a person’s ancestry. The graphics keep the doll house look but the creation and speed of the action is very much twenty-first century.

Family House MOD APK is designed to work on any phone OS, tablets, and even the old desktop. You start out with a simple house plan and build on that. Building is done by adding family member. The family members can be modified with hair, facial features, and clothing that make them look like a person’s real family. The idea is to add all of your family to your house. This does not just mean grand parents it means generations of family as far back as 300 years.

The realism comes in because you collect rent from all of the family members to pay for your home expansion. The expansion of the home is enormous. Think double the size of Buckingham Palace. You get to add pets that look like the pets you own or tailor made pets. You also get to pick period pieces of clothing, décor, and hair styles for your much older relatives.

? Family House MOD APK is free.

? Age range is stated as any age but probably should be eight and above.

? The game has the capacity to create your own clothing designs.

? Direct connections through network connection can produce a real life representation of your oldest know relative.

? The game has a community that gives you rewards if you visit neighbors and make friends.

? There is no limit to family size or house size.

? Free tech help is available.

? You need 512 MB RAM to play.

? In app purchases can be disabled.

Family House MOD APK is a creative game. This is a learning tool that teaches people how to manage money and build a home and family. The access to family history can enliven a life long interest in ancestry. Family House is not just for children at all.

What's New

We've improved the purchase process to make things more secure and also fixed a bug that caused some controls to appear off screen.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: 1905 Games
  • Version: 1.1.127
  • Downloads: 1.000.000+
  • Android Requirements: 2.3 oder höher

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