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Fatal Fight might not be a first. However, the game is still a good example of a kick-ass genre of an incredible quick-fix gaming. And in this game, players assume the role of a Kung-Fu expert who fights off hordes of Ninja looking characters. Aiding players in this journey are the sides of the screen, which are to be hit with the thumbs to fend off the bad guys. Enemies troop in from both sides and players will have to tap either right or left depending on the proximity of the attacking enemy and the color of the bar underneath them.

As simple as it sounds, it is fun and entertaining as well. And as anyone might expect, it gets tougher the more the game continues. It is a game that requires a player’s quick reaction and response. As a result of the rapid reaction expected from players, it requires a great deal of focus and swift decision-making to get better at it. Panic and overcompensation won’t always help for missed hits.

Some of the game’s best features include;

• Lots of epic levels

• More than 10 Kung Fu Masters

• Unlimited time. Play without time constraints.

• Offline mode. No network, no problem.

• Daily gifts and bonuses

• Unique fighting skills

• Leaderboard and achievements.

• Cloud save. Game progress can be saved online. Game progress can be synced between devices, tablets, and phones using the same Facebook Account or Google Play.

It requires more concentration and thinking that an individual might think–and it is absurdly satisfying. Players have a stamina bar and timer that depletes when they lose. It shouldn’t be fairly easy to pass the first few stages, but, it gets complicated much later. The game is free, fun, and fair. Its unique gameplay makes the game easy to learn but difficult to master.

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