Flick Arena 3.83.1 APK


Flick Arena MOD APK combines the speed of air hockey, fantasy powers of orcs and wizards, and the strategy of role playing games all into one. The game is like an ancient version of soccer with fewer players and a much deadlier consequence.

The idea of the Flick Arena MOD APK is a basic fight to be champion of the known world. This is an arena sport that involves using the powers that each player has as well as the power of the shape of the arena. An obstacle to avoid is the center of the arena. The circle in the center can skewer your people or drop them into the sky. Each side gets a fire thrower. You win by killing off the king that represents the named captain of the opposing squad.

A lot of thought went into the physics that are the basis of game play in Flick Arena. You get pointers that give you some help in aiming and directing your movement and firing but you do not see the same help that your opponent is getting. You can really foul up and kill off a friend or yourself. You can collect new players as the game goes along. Some of these players are real people and some are not. The power that any player who is real has depends on how much they have won.

? All duels are in real time.

? Wins produce cards and treasure chests.

? Cards can become new characters with useful powers.

? Wins produce points, crowns, and open new arenas for play.

? The arena structure is designed to not repeat itself.

? Play is structured in regular rotation.

? Daily duels and quest produce extra rewards.

? Players can form guilds with other real people.

? The Diamond League is the goal.

Flick Arena MOD APK is fast, slick, and smart battle fun. The only thing that gets “killed” is little round discs so the game is suitable for any age. The tactics and strategy needed to win are reasonable for people 12 and older. This is a Medieval Olympics with magic.

What's New

Celebrate the Worldwide launch of Flick Arena with us!

- A thrilling competition -join the World Trophy event for special rewards!
- An in-game community for you to discuss your strategy!
- Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more now available

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Flaregames
  • Version: 3.83.1
  • Downloads: 500,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.4W and up

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