Forces of Freedom (Early Access) 4.4.0 APK


From downloading to loading to playing the game. I thought it was pretty awesome. Although it looks like it is still in its beginning stages as far as the game goes, I was not disappointed by how the game is played and what it provides me as a player of it. It is a premium mobile game and the graphics are not super 1080 HD quality, but the fact that I can basically carry a game like CS on my mobile is like a dream.

At first, I did not expect much from the game. However, it ends up that there are a lot of features put into it. The playing or battle field is huge! I would probably want to play this on a tablet or something, but playing with something that I can take out easily like my phone will suffice.

I also like the third person perspective gameplay it has going. It is something I have not seen on mobile though so I think it is a new concept. These are some of the main things I liked about the Forces of Freedom MOD APK:

1. Big playing field

2. A lot of characters to choose from

3. Get to play with other people on the go

I’m not so sure whether this is the first of its kind, but I certainly love the concept. The maps and the accessibility of the buildings in the game were great. Overall, the game certainly has a lot of potential and I can’t wait for the upcoming updates for the further improvement of the game.

I think the developers really put in a lot of work for this to work. I’m glad that something like this is now available on mobile. It’s something that I highly recommend to those who love shooting games like COD or CS GO or Unchartered and want to play something on the go like me.

What's New

Progression does matter and let’s start from the beginning.

NEW CITY MAP: ‘Last Days’ is a fast-paced city map flanked by an Asian styled gate and a European styled central buildings
New players not registered will now learn to master the game one soldier at a time through unlocking mechanics

Full update notes:

Extra Information

  • Developed by: BRAVO COMPANY Ltd
  • Version: 4.4.0
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.4 and up

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