Game of Thrones: Conquest™ 2.8.245612 APK


Fight, build, rule, and conquer in this intriguing and exciting game titled Game of Thrones Conquest. This game is developed and produced by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Become a Westeros lord, build your own great house, build your sigil, and fight for the throne.

Westeros is at serious war; mighty houses are clashing, the realm is being threatened by the army of the dead, and dragons are ruling the sky. It is time for you to live out your fantasy and join the battle. Raise your army and build your house. Based on the storyline of the original TV series, this game allows you to become a Lord of Westeros and look for better strategies to defeat the seven kingdoms.

Game Features

? Conquer over 100 regions

? Rule the seven kingdoms

? Build your great house

? Rise in political influence

Game of Thrones Conquest is fun and exciting game, and it is a game everyone will enjoy playing.

What's New

• Fixed an issue with Fire Breath recharge.
• Fixed an issue with reinforcement and rally information display.
• Fixed an issue with the Map Finder.
• Bug fixes to the Allegiance Gift panel.
• Bug fixes to the Hidden Market panel.
• Fixed some overlapping UI panels.
• Resolved an issue where Power would overlap with other UI components.
• Coming soon: modify your dragon's appearance!

Extra Information

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