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Gangster league – The payday crime is one finest game offered by MOSTCORE. This game puts the player in the place of a civilian in trying to become a super robber. And it is accomplished by defeating enemy gangs, fending off oncoming police and running some upgrades on the character and car on the way to becoming more powerful and successful.

To begin with, the player has to create his character with a lot of customizable options. Change the skin type of his character and conceal his identity by picking up a mysterious mask on his journey to become the world’s greatest robber. After the player has transformed his character into what he/she wants him to look like, it’s time for action. You basically drive your car around the city and come out of the car once a while to use his equipped firearm to eliminate enemies.

Players don’t have to worry about making decisions on where to drive to as the gameplay is fully automated, all the player has to do is to target the enemy he wants to take down and activate his firearm. For each city the player drives around, the player will be engaged in combat 3 times, and after the third combat, the player will have to face a boss enemy.

The player can choose to fight the boss enemy immediately by tapping a button, or choose not to and continue driving around town to take down more enemies. The player gets more skills from things such as healing, attack abilities increasing damage power. Whenever the player uses any skill, there will be a cool down timer, so players have to choose carefully the attack skill they want to use and when they want to activate it.

The game features

♦ Build your own skyscraper

♦ Challenge super boss

♦ Form your own team

♦ Unique equipment

The graphics of the game is really quite endearing. It adopts a top-down 3D isometric view, making everything to look really detailed and smooth. And it also has nice music and sound effect that perfectly corresponds with everything in the game.

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