Go! Medina Surf Game 1.1.47 APK


GO! Medina MOD APK is an incredible surfing arcade game. It is one of the best arcade games of our time. Players can surf with the first Brazilian surf champion Gabriel Medina. In this game, players are poised to have lots of fun on breathtaking beaches. Players have the opportunity to enjoy surfing in the remarkable Island of Medina. Players can partake in live surf challenges on breathless waves running against time. It is an outstanding surf arcade game with excellent gameplay. It offers a responsive interface with excellent controls like no other. The user interface is apt and friendly.

The gane is fun, playful, and full of mind blowing surf tricks. There are incredible and amazing surfing landscapes to enjoy while playing. In this game, players can partake in world tours cutting across 11 unique beaches. Players can customize their characters using awesome suits and boards. Using special bars and energy players can improve on their performances. In this game, players can challenge their friends to mind blowing surfing challenges.

There are four game modes available to players. The free surf, obstacle run, surf against time, and pro surf game mode. In Go Medina, players have access to a surf store where to buy game gears and accessories. This game can run both in online and offline mode. The background soundtrack is amazing and nourishing.

Features of the game

This game offers players many unique features. They are:

♦ Opportunity to partake in world tour

♦ Access to beach houses

♦ Privilege to surf in Medina Island

♦ Access to surf store

♦ Privilege to enjoy amazing surfing landscapes

♦ Access to daily bonus and winning rewards

The game is a free to play once download. But certain in-game items are available for purchase using real money. Players who do not wish buy any in-game items can play using available resources. What are you waiting for to enjoy this incredible surfing arcade game?

What's New

- New gameplay with new special moves bar
- New wave challenges in each competition heat
- Obstacles in the World Championship
- Collect bonus on the waves through the coins

Extra Information

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