Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival 1.0 APK


This is one mobile shooting game like never before, which has the capacity to support as many as 121 players all at the same time. There are several features that players can enjoy while playing. Players can ride helicopters and experience an air-to-land fight. The game comes with easy operations, allowing an ultra-cool shooting feeling.

Regardless of the device that is used, players can enjoy the game, but they must do the best they can to survive to the last. The game affords players a blend of randomness and enjoyment to provide infinite possibilities. As players parachute to Hopeless Island, the only things they can believe are their teammates, their strategies and the gun in their hands. What makes up the victory iron triangle are excellent strategies, strong execution and a good deal of luck. The game also comes with certain other pre-installed features;

? The game comes with special designed battlefield and brand new vehicles

? A suitable operation method for mobile devices

? Low device requirement plus easy control

The game’s low device requirement allow players to be able to enjoy the gameplay in Hopeless Land regardless of the mobile device they use. Also, whether you are a rookie or a veteran, the easy control allows just about anyone to get started quickly. All the key movements, from running to shooting, are all designed with motion capture.

What's New

1.Underground bug fixed
2.stairs/wall bug fixed
3.ANTI-HACKING system added

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