Horse Haven World Adventures 8.1.0 APK


If you love horses, then you will find the Horse Haven World Adventures developed by Ubisoft Entertainment very interesting. Just on the surface, this game seems more like a typical town builder. Rather, this game focuses more on managing your dream horse farm and raising horses. The game also has simple endless runner races it engages the player in.

In the farming part of the game, the player will arrange and build storage barns, stables, and fields. Your horses live in the stables, and you will have to grow your horses’ food in the feed mills and fields you build. You can use your storage barn to store extra food for your horses. The player can upgrade fields in order to grow more crops for their horses, and they can also upgrade their storage to carry more items. These upgrades are carried out by spending coins. The player gets to earn coins by performing some specific tasks and completing some certain objectives. When the player plants crops or build structures, it takes time for the crops to grow and the structures to finish.

Get your horse ranch leveled up by performing some tasks and you will be able to acquire more buildings and upgrades. The other aspect of the game is a simulator of virtual pets where the player will go into the stable and feed, clean, and take care of their horses through various activities. Your horses will grow from a foal to a fully grown adult horse, and at this point, you can get them in steeplechases. In the steeplechase, the player will play a mini-game where they tap the screen to make their horses jump over obstacles and achieve coins.

The Game Features

♦ Enter the year’s biggest events

♦ Over 100 unique horse to breed

♦ Customize your horses

♦ Run steeplechases around the world

It is a fun-filled game. The simulations are very interesting. The controls are pretty straightforward, and the gameplay experience is also great. The graphics and sound are also excellent.

What's New

·Are you ready to welcome Christmas and the new year? Horse Haven wants to celebrate the great 2019 with you by organizing two amazing events - Christmas bless event & New Year Carnival!
· A new common horse Warlander will join the big family and many popular old friends will be back as well.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Version: 8.1.0
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.4 and up

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