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Idle Factory Tycoon is a simulation game designed by Idle Factory Tycoon. The game is available for free and players can build workstations in their factory where they get to build some cool stuffs so as to make some cash.

Players are the operators of their factory business and can choose to automate their workflow to bring about greater efficiency and produce more merchandise. This will be by hiring managers. Factory automation allows factory to run even at the absence of the player. By upgrading the level of your machine and productions, you can improve your idle cash income. The game comes with certain pre-installed features;

? Players can manage their own factory and automate workflow

? Players can hire managers to motivate the workstation

? No internet connection is needed

By investing your idle cash you can make even more income. Players can manage up to 20 different workstations. The game does not require internet connection and there are no in-app purchase or micro transactions.

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