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Join the fun and action in this Sci-Fi first-person shooter game with players from all over the world titled Destiny Warfare Sci-Fi FPS. This game is packed with lots of action and adventure for you. Destiny Warfare Sci-Fi FPS is developed and offered by Azur Interactive Games Limited.

Destiny Warfare Sci-Fi FPS is a multiplayer, first-person shooter game in a sci-fi setting. This game takes you far into the future when the human race has gone beyond the technological development limits and the world is now in a chaos of interstellar warfare. You will engage in player vs. player battles as classes like Assault, Tank, Saboteur, and Recruit. Every class has its unique abilities and features. Your goal is to defeat your enemies and save humanity.

Game Features

? Fast-paced multiplayer battles

? Choose from various weapons of the future.

? Amazing space maps and cities.

Destiny Warfare Sci-Fi FPS features a fantastic 3D graphics, easy control system, and it is optimized for weak devices.

What's New

Added new items available to purchase during Halloween only:
- grenade launcher SL-00 Alien;
- Assault Drone.

Extra Information

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