Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG 1.9.0r MOD APK Download
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With great graphics, smooth running, and responsive control, Iron Blade MOD APK is an awesome RPG fun filled game. Although it was developed to be a game of medieval war, it’s everything you’ll want to play and come out victorious after defeating dark monsters. Iron Blade is full of epic adventures and an action-packed narrative story that leaves you facing horrors of shadow after shadow but gives you the ultimate control to fight relentlessly to break the curse that has befallen the Templars kingdom.

Quest after quest, you will be the young knight wielding his sword with bravery in a land of blood, dark arcane, glory and magic. Slashing and piercing the soul of dark knights that have taken over the land, you will fight epic battles protect humanity and at the same time, save your soul and sword – your weapon to victory.

Iron blade MOD APK is developed with amazing preinstalled features to assist you in achieving your dream to be the hero the world has been waiting for. These features include:

● CRISP, INNOVATIVE COMBAT: On Iron Blade, you can develop your combat style.

● EPIC MEDIEVAL ODYSSEY: You will be able to fight heroically through scenic European landscapes and restore light back to Notre Dame. You can also descend your wrath on undead hordes and banish terrorizing vampires.

● CASTLE-CONQUERING PVP: With this feature, you can crush defences of other players and claim their resources.

● MASTER LEGENDARY POWERS: Iron Blade allows you to manage and upgrade a variety of weapons that will help you express your fighting skills better.

If you are an Action-RPG fan, and you may have had a dreamed of being the hero that would defeat villains and save the whole of humanity. That dream might be short lived or so frustrating to achieve. Iron Blade will make that dream come true. It will present you with an opportunity of a lifetime in the virtual world to be the hero. Users have enjoyed this game overtime. If you will want to play this game too and be the hero in a grand epic battle, try Iron Blade MOD APK.

What's New

ALLIANCE PERKS: Stay strong together. Being part of an Alliance now grants bonuses to rewards in Events.
POWER BOONS: Active Alliance members can collect short-term power increases.
CHAT IMPROVEMENTS: Communicate more easily than ever with messages up to 160 characters long in an easier-to-read chat, or ignore any player for 24 hours!
TWO NEW ARMOR SETS: Add the Ossuary and the Ironmaster sets to your armory!


  • Package Name: Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG APK + MOD 1.9.0r
  • Game Size: 34M
  • Installs: 10,000,000+
  • Required Android OS: 4.0.3 and up
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  • Language: English