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Iron Throne is strategy war game designed by Netmarble where players can claim their kingdom’s Iron Throne. There is a lot of things players must do to become successful in this game. Players must build their castle, lead their heroes formidable wars against other players from around the world in a bid to rule the kingdom.

You don’t have to do it all alone, players are allowed to form strong alliances with their friends in order to better enjoy the game. The game comes with an astonishing high-resolution 3D graphics that confers a real-life gameplay experience. The challenges are infinite, and players can create their own stories via building castles, recruiting heroes and creating a great kingdom. The game comes with other pre-installed features;

? A variety of game modes available for gameplay

? Alliance battle allows players to compete or cooperate with global users

? Infinite challenges mean that there are limitless battles to be fought

In the Battle Royale mode, players will be engaged in a strategic match without losing points. The Team Deathmatch allows players to form teams that will dominate the battleground with fantastic play. Players can go back in time to unfold the game’s story and follow the epic history in Dimensional Battle. The Town Mode allows players to solve dangerous quests with castle townsfolk.

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