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iShelter – Adventure RPG MOD APK pictures a world that has disintegrated into ruins because of the nuclear war. But there is still a measure of hope for you as one of the lasting survivors. The effect of the nuclear war has given room for the undead creatures to rise against the living. Now, it’s your choice to create a new world, but your new home won’t be situated on the contaminated earth surface, you’re building underground.

Never assume you are the only one remaining alive. There are still many survivors out there who are without weapons and shelter. Your quest also includes looking for experts from different profession. You’re bringing these people together to form a good team, as well as expand a new healthy haven for all. Since your new home is underground, use your inherent skills to build an architecturally engineered structure to show your importance as a leader, especially for the helpless.

Also, there is no limit to what you can achieve as an ordinary man. Being clever should make you do things extra-ordinarily. This is because some of your recruits have innate abilities to become super heroes as the battle on the plain field ensues. The intense training on the field of battle is enough to unleash the powers of every hero that have come to join forces with you. This will ensure that the planet earth is rid of strange creatures that are waiting to devour humans.

Here are some features of the game:

♦ Join forces with your team and formulate ideas that can make you victorious.

♦ Build a team of people with great powers.

♦ Collectively fight the ultimate boss who has been in hiding.

This is the moment you have been waiting for to change the face of the earth. This makes it a good game to have on your mobile phone, as you finish many adventurous activities with your friends.

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