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This strategy game comes with a unique twist, as players are not responsible for saving themselves or even a fellow human being. The jungle in this game has been seized from its rightful owners (the animals) and these prideful creatures are in need of your assistance. Thanks to the destructive paint guns you’ll have access to and their unique abilities, this task has never been more fun.

The top notch three dimensional graphics are designed to fit the storyline and game play can be grasped by gamers of all different skill levels. It is your job to help the animals reclaim their land and they are in need of your helpful guidance. Players can form tribes with their buddies if they so choose and participate in a series of multiplayer battles for jungle supremacy.

This is one of the more addictive games that I have played in recent memory, as it spoke to the inner animal in me. Jungle Paintball MOD APK also comes with several different features, all of which served to add to my level of enjoyment, including:

♦ Colorful graphics that make for a much more interesting paint based game.

♦ The chance to build and customize a miniature jungle for your beloved animals to reside in.

♦ Several different attacking strategies for players to mix and match.

♦ The ability to stash a variety of defenses so that you can create the most effective defense system possible.

♦ Tournaments and leagues that have been established so that you can win actual prizes.

The game has the type of concept that does not come along every day and its uniqueness certainly made it more enjoyable. If you would like to remain fully up to date about other awesome titles like this one that you may have missed out on, be sure to add this site to your bookmarks and return often.

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