Justice League Action Run 2.08 APK


The Justice League MOD APK has made many appearances in mobile games, but this game is quite different. This is a runner game that has players running, flying, and jumping, through various challenges as the heroes defeat the villains. The game has features that players prefer and enjoy such as swiping for character controls instead of tilting the device to navigate along the running path with special vehicles.

The gameplay features three lanes of movement, obstacles for the player to duck under or Jump over, and a designated button for special moves. The flight ability of Wonder Woman helps a lot in some missions. Limited boosts that can be earned as a reward for completing missions.

For players who know the Justice League so well, they’ll find that Aquaman is missing from the entourage. The game starts with Batman, and with that character, players can unlock other characters including, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Firestorm, and of course Superman. One of the things that make this game so special is that there are three heroes during a run, if the character stumbles or gets blasted, there are two more characters the player can use as back up. This technically means that for each run, a player can think of those two back up characters as extra lives. Players can choose to increase the level of challenge in the game by running with only one hero.

Some of the best features of the game include.

♦ Players can choose run with up to three different heroes in a game

♦ Running with more than one hero allows a player to revive characters and continue

♦ Special abilities like flying enable players to escape obstacles

There are up to 150 missions to complete. Some of these missions end with a boss mission. The chapters are divided into five missions each. Android users or iOS users will find that this is one of the best running games available.

What's New

Play 15 new missions and unlock vintage costumes, vehicules and more! Celebrate Batman's Birthday!

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