Kubo: A Samurai Quest™ 4.61 APK


Kubo: A Samurai Quest™ MOD APK is a very unique interpretation of the ancient samurai quest saga theme. It is basically a puzzle game but the puzzles have an added bit of anime creatures and a huge number of authentic looking Japanese battlegrounds. The basic idea is to gain fighting ability, knowledge, weapons, and animal friends as the means to go to higher levels.

The game has some really unique features. The animal opponents and friends are origami creations. The quality of the origami improves as you advance in skill and ability. The upper levels have outlandish adornments to the animals. The animals are really teachers and instructors more than enemies although there is quite a bit of fighting so you do not get bored.

Three things make the game stand out. Mr. Sulu, a. k. a. George Takei does the voice of a guide character that looks like a chicken. This is funny and a bit nostalgic and may make Star Trek fans of the younger players. The scenery in all the levels is really well done. It looks like Japan and parts of ancient Japan because film makers from Japan conspired with the game maker to do the scenery and characters. You also have to sort of learn how to play the shamisen in order to advance in the game. Kubo does most of the Japanese guitar playing for you.

♦ Simple design for ages 10 and up.

♦ Free at Google Play.

♦ Twenty-five new levels added in the newest version.

♦ New version repairs glitches.

♦ Free tech help.

♦ Network connection needed to get all the added perks.

You will want to play the game for the challenge. The game combines several different skill sets. There is some fighting but not a huge blood bath. You have to be smart to solve the puzzles that get you the goods to get to the next level. The George Takei adds a bit of humor. The game is a bit quirky and definitely one of a kind.

What's New

Bug fixes and improvements

Your feedback helps us improve the game. Thanks for playing!

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Fifth Journey Limited
  • Version: 4.61
  • Downloads: 100,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.1 and up

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