LEGO® Creator Islands – Build, Play & Explore 3.0.0 APK


Building and simulation games have been popular for years. It is both engaging and exciting. But when extra perks and features that enable players to explore, and build are involved, then the fun is exceptional. LEGOS creator island is one of few games that can give that level of entertainment while unleashing your inner creativity. It gives you the freedom to build your world by building on different exotic islands. These islands can be rebuilt over and over again in a new and exciting ways thereby creating a diverse form of adventures.

There’s no limit to how much fun you can have while playing this game. LEGOS creator island comes with 3-in-1sets that you assemble and use on these islands. These sets can be used to create cool houses, vehicles like trucks, plane, boats, etc.

Some of the LEGO® Creator Islands MOD APK game’s best features include

? Earn yellow bricks to unlock new islands, adventures, and models

? Discover new islands that are filled with impressive new buildings

? Enlarge your islands and save up to three games on your device.

? Complete several micro-build missions

? Rebuild each 3-in-1 model into beautiful new designs

? Experience the thrill of the real brick building.

? Navigate the entire LEGO Creator Island with a map that is made available.

The purpose of LEGO® Creator Islands MOD APK is to build and protect the main island for the LEGO Creator miniature figures. Nevertheless, more islands can be constructed all around the main island, but you have to always be at alert to always protect and defend the main island. As the game is played, new yellow bricks will be released. Each time these new bricks are collected, the newer islands are unlocked. Automatically, as you travel to these new islands, you meet the miniature figures, animals like cat, dog, monkeys, etc. and you get to unlock funny and smart 3-in-1 models.

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Extra Information

  • Developed by: LEGO System A/S
  • Version: 3.0.0
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.1 and up

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