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LEGO® Ninjago™ WU-CRU MOD APK is a unique role playing game. Your mission is to save the Ninjago Island. There are several ninjas you can play with. You can play with Kai, Cole, Nya, Zane and Jay. The graphics is great and the gameplay is immersive e and engaging. One feature that attracts players more is its uniqueness. It is about the only popular Lego role playing game.

Although a single Lego ninja is very powerful, a team of ninjas can be simply unstoppable. The evil will not stop until you do something about it. You have to fight evil. There are several missions to accomplish. As you go higher, more missions will be unlocked for you.

As a ninja, the more mission you complete the stronger you will become. You need to concentrate and strategize. Your strategies matter a lot. The completion of your mission depends on the strategies you create. Once you start playing the game, you will never be able to drop it and you can play it for hours. The game has more than sixty interesting levels.

Each of the missions is in a different environment. As a booster to the fun and thrills, there are several ninja vehicles at your disposal but each of them has to be unlocked one after the other. You can select a favorite ninja to play with.

Some of the important features of the LEGO® Ninjago™ WU-CRU MOD APK are listed below

? It has more than sixty interesting levels

? It allows you to explore the entire Ninjago universe

? There are several Ninjago Vehicles to use

? Stunning graphics

? It is free to download

? You can build your own ninja

? You have the chance to master most important ninja skills

? It gives players liberty to build their own ninja characters

The game is updated regularly. It has been downloaded and installed more than ten million times. The LEGO® Ninjago™ WU-CRU MOD APK works best on Android 4.0.3 and up. It may work with lower operating system but it might not function very well.

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