Mad Skills Motocross 2 2.11.1305 APK


While there are many who believe that Mad Skills Motocross is the finest side scrolling game of its kind, Mad Skills Motocross 2 MOD APK aims to outdo the initial installment and by all accounts, the game successfully achieves its chosen objective. Whether you are a professional racer, a motocross fan or a casual player, this game has plenty to offer.

The graphics are of the highest quality and game play is designed to appeal to players of all skill levels. There are even optional rockets that can be accessed, allowing you to speed right past any levels that are excessively challenging or any competitors that you cannot seem to beat.

When it comes to side scrolling racing games like this one, you’ll be hard pressed to find another with better motorcycle physics. The bikes in this game are as responsive as they come and the more you play, the more you will learn about how to control them to your benefit (just try not to become too addicted in the process).

♦ The game players also have access to an embarrassment of riches when it comes to features, including:

♦ A wide selection of motorcycles, with 11 models for players to work their way through, each of which has its own unique handling.

♦ A player vs player mode that lets you pick an opponent, pick a track and get right down to business.

♦ Weekly competitions, so that you can test your skills against opponents from all over the globe.

♦ Customization that offers you the chance to choose different colors for your bikes and your rider’s gear.

♦ Tracks that are added on a weekly basis, so that you do not have the opportunity to become bored. It comes with enough content to keep you busy for years to come.

A great addition to any racing enthusiast’s collection, the game comes with our utmost approval and those who value our reviews should be sure to remain fully up to date on all the information we have to offer.

What's New

+ Leaderboards in Career mode reset every month.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Turborilla
  • Version: 2.11.1305
  • Downloads:
  • Android Requirements: 4.4 and up

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