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Do you want to be the next don of Cali city? Remember, nobody gives you power; you have to earn it. You will draw your gun for a one on one shoot out in the battle field then you take down real players in the game.

Cali city is known as a city of greed and outlaw. It has been their home for so many years. This is where it all began. You, first of all, earn their respect so you can be one of them, then you can conquer the mafia and the city! Be what you are meant to be! Repossess what they once took away from you! Form a family with friends to challenge each other for a street battle to know who is the best among you. Earn special gifts and win sophisticated guns by joining a family.

Enjoy an attractive display of graphics for a blood rushing street shootout, while the jazz bars and street views take you back to swinging sixties. Then you build your weapon from classic to sleek, and handy to destructive, collect and customize vehicles and guns to use them in the battle field. How is your garage? Is it well equipped for the one on one battle?

The major features in the game include:

♦ It is unique because of the setting, character complexity and racial themes.

♦ The character design, facial animations, level of light and its general features are simply amazing.

♦ For the most part, gun battle consists of shooting, hiding from a corner and repeating such actions until you have killed all the enemies.

♦ Driving in the game is very smooth and almost realistic.

♦ The quest for revenge.

To carry out your revenge, you must learn what it takes to pull the trigger with precision. The game is fun and exciting. It is easy to play, and all you have to do is to master the tactics.

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