Make It Rain: The Love of Money – Fun & Addicting! Varies with device APK


One of the more unique games to come along in a long way, Make It Rain: The Love of Money MOD APK focuses on placing players in the fast paced world of insider trading and subprime mortgages. The game is quite clever (with a bit of an evil streak) and it is very easy to pick up and play.

There are three different categories for players to choose from when in search of upgrades: Business Investments, Financial Investments and Political Investments. Some investments will need to be made by swiping (Business), while Political Investments and Financial Investments continue to accrue money even when you are not currently playing.

By making the right investments, you are able to become an old billionaire and establish a legacy to pass down to your scions. This game is addictive fun and the graphics might be somewhat simplistic, but they definitely fit the tone that this game is trying to set. Just swipe away and wait for the coins and cash to start rolling in.

This game comes with a number of unique attributes, so let’s take a closer look at all of the features players are able to enjoy, shall we?

? Having the chance to buy off federal judges and the FBI to advance your empire.

? The ability to choose your own financial adventure, whether you decide to start a lemonade stand or become a venture capitalist.

? Lying, stealing and cheating to maintain your fortune.

? Passing down your wealth to your beloved family members when you finally pass on.

? Making congressional friends who are willing to look the other way when you strike it rich by engaging in insider trading.

Make It Rain: The Love of Money MOD APK is a great game for those who have a dark sense of humor, but be forewarned: it is as addictive as they come. For more information about other addictive games, add this site to your browsing routine.

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Extra Information

  • Developed by: Space Inch, LLC
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: Varies with device

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