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Hydra – a nasty bunch of teenage super villains are treating to destroy the Marvel Avengers Academy. So, it’s your duty to quickly train up younger versions of your favorite superhero characters and make them become super heroes.

These are the people that can save the academy and deliver it from the ravaging hands of Hydra looming just beyond the walls. In order to effectively prepare your heroes for the battle ahead, you need to adequately prepare the school grounds and transport your favorite Marvel characters back to their high school days. Consider it to be another simple city-builder game.

However, unlike other games in this category, players will not have to worry about the population’s happiness and managing loads of resources. As a matter of fact, it is not your responsibility to defend and attack, all you are required to do is to apply your own terms to build your school. To this end, you will be constantly required to open up new training possibilities, invite new heroes to train in the school and complete quests for a ton of other teen Marvel characters, such as Tony Stark.

There are several other features of the game to enjoy, including

♦ Equip your campus with sports stadiums, training facilities, etc.

♦ Construct labs, classrooms, and dorms for your Marvel Avengers

♦ Participate in events and updates

♦ Interact with other characters from the Marvel universe

♦ Engage in exhilarating battles and missions

♦ Upgrade your Marvel Avengers’ powers and strengthen them for the task ahead

♦ Develop the iconic powers of your heroes and villains

While preparing your superheroes, this great base-building game will continually inspire you to do more for the academy. Apart from the movies, there is no better way to experience the game than this. So, why not give this game a try?

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