Megapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy 5.22 APK


When it comes to world building games, Megapolis MOD APK is one of the top choices on the market, as it provides gamers with the chance to construct their own large chain of metropolitan areas and showcase their architectural abilities.

To some, this genre may seem crowded and while I did have a certain amount of skepticism before playing, Megapolis’ breezy and winning nature would soon change my mind. It is not a game that seems to take itself too seriously, a welcome respite from others in its chosen genre.

The game definitely gets bonus points for its soundtrack, as it will bring back happy memories for those who are veterans of ’90 sims games. I greatly enjoyed the many details that were included in the buildings, as well as the landscapes and the game’s layout is equally thoughtful.

Everything is easily clickable and all of the relevant information that you require is visible on screen. However, this information is presented in a manner that does not impede your vision or obscure the field of play. Game play is not designed to be exciting on a moment to moment basis, but patient players are certainly rewarded for their efforts.

If you are the type of person who does not have a great deal of friends who are into playing these types of games, the game has got you covered. You have the ability to send friend requests to perfect strangers and the game makes this process more than worth your while, offering you daily incentives for taking the time to do so.

I enjoyed the time that I spent playing it immensely and its charming, laid back demeanor is just what the doctor ordered. For further information about other fun games like this one, be sure to revisit this website when you are in search of more great gaming ideas.

What's New

Great news!
We have something special for you!
Once per week, as part of the State Contests, you can combine your efforts to earn a Reward Chest. Complete state tasks, earn experience and get the ability to open a Chest! The more experience you earn, the bigger the Chest will be and the more rewards you’ll get! Can you collect them all? You can get Megabucks and other gifts. Interested? Then hurry to the game!
Build the best Megapolis on the planet!

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Social Quantum Ltd
  • Version: 5.22
  • Downloads:
  • Android Requirements: 4.4 and up

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