Middle-earth: Shadow of War APK


Wage war against Sauron’s armies in this epic adventure game through middle earth. Alongside the ring of power forged by the main character of the game, players also have control over other rings with which they can call champions all over the middle earth.

Players will journey through Mordor and fight with their armies of champions and orcs. Every orc players meet remembers their decisions and creates a unique playing experience for the player. They are to direct their team’s combat tactics and launch special attacks with power-ups when it is most appropriate.

Some of this game’s best features include

♦ Extra characters like Gimli, Galadriel

♦ Rings of Power with special functions

♦ Real-time gameplay

Players have the ability to join a fellowship in the game to share and request upgrades that will help them on their journey. This game brings out the tactical thinker inside of players, as they have to make careful decisions to achieve victory.

What's New

Welcome to the Fighting Pits!
- Build a team consisting of a Champion and your strongest Orcs.
- Control your Champion your team faces off against other players.
- Compete for the top spot of the leaderboards to earn unique rewards!

Will you shine as a champion, or will you grovel like a maggot?

More information on our forums. https://community.wbgames.com

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