Mine Quest 2 – Mining RPG 2.2.1 APK


Mine Quest 2 – Mining RPG MOD APK is a game where very deep journey awaits players. Makers of this unique game have excavated vast olden mysteries and legendary loot. Players can claim these mysteries and legendary loots by winning games. This does not come easy because it requires you traveling the world to battle monsters. Players have to engage in breathtaking battles to claim any loot or mystery. In fact, this is the most mine tactic escapade the players will ever engage in.

Players can play as brave and dauntless dwarfs in strategic battles. This mode helps players to secure defeat over certain rancorous creatures. Players must be alert to avoid starvation from rich treasures by dungeon-crawling creepers. This game is the mining character-playing game with an awesomeness like never experienced.

In this game, players have the privilege to raid mines that no one has dared raiding. Players raid these mines in attempts to discover the rarest of items in many forgotten depths. Here, players can amass precious materials and titillating blueprints. These materials and blueprints are needed to make strong equipment. Equipment like suit of armor, munitions, and pickaxes. Players can upgrade the equipment to fight and finish strong like warriors.

Players have the privilege to travel across many mythical fields. The fields are full of ancient mysteries and legendary loot waiting to be unearthed. All the players need is to dig deep and deeper to discover many undiscovered secrets. Players can discover mysteries that ordinarily no man will ever discover.

Unique features of the game

Once installed, players have access to these unique features.

♦ Opportunity to explore an epic world

♦ Access to well-crafted powerful gear

♦ Opportunity to collect valuable materials and titillating blueprints

♦ Opportunity to dwarf enemies

♦ Opportunity to dig and discover legendary loots

It is an awesome game. This game has an outstanding and vibrant gameplay, controls, and graphics. It is free to play with certain items available on purchase with money. Download this game to have a maxed-up experience of mining role-playing game.

What's New

Maintenance Update: Bug fixes and general improvements.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Tapps Games
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.1 and up

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