Nonstop Knight – Idle RPG 2.9.2 APK
  • Role Playing
  • 4.1 and up
  • Version: 2.9.2
  • Protected


Getting bored at night? Why not play Non-Stop Knight MOD APK!

It’s a great game where you have your very own Nonstop Knight running through never-ending different dungeon levels. All his fighting and running is automatic; you don’t get to control either his direction or his fighting pace. Isn’t that just wonderful!

Wait! Don’t get upset. When you amass adequate coins you will be able to upgrade his weapon, switch on a special ability, armor as well as magic powers. You’ll be glad to know that your knight cannot fight a boss on his own. He will need you to provide him with special skills, more money, revive potions etc.

Another thing to note is that your knight continues fighting even when you’re not a part of the game. So, all you have to do is to have your game launched, shut your device and trust your knight to work on clearing the dungeons.

When you use “Ascension” you enhance your knight’s status but end up sending him to the first dungeon level. So, it’s advisable to ascend your knight in the beginning if you want to spare yourself the trouble of having to repeat the few dozen levels. Unlocking chests with revive potions helps speed up your knight’s progress and helps him fight the boss.

You upgrade your knight’s weaponry and special abilities as you move on. These upgrades come in the form of runes; if you have knowledge of different abilities and their functions, you can choose between them.

It’s a simple enough game that even children can enjoy. From time to time, the Nonstop Knight will throw a new stunt into the game, and you’ll love it! You can have clones for fighters and healers; so your knight won’t be alone. The foes come in variable forms with ugly sounds and creepy features.

Here are the great things about Nonstop Knight MOD APK game:

?The game is very addicting.

?Great outlook.

?Wonderful production values.

?No interference of IAPs and you get to choose video ads.

?Plays offline.

?Great replay value.

?Ideal for playing on go.

?Some things are not so great such as:

?Limited abilities.

?The monotonous cycle of dungeon-boss-dungeon can get boring.

?Ascend your knight and lose your hard-earned, upgraded weapons as well as armor.

Nonetheless, it’s a time killer, fun to play and will have you playing again and again!

What's New

Various improvements, polishing and bug fixing.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Flaregames
  • Version: 2.9.2
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+
  • Android Requirements: 4.1 and up

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