Pro Pool 2019 Varies with device APK


Pro Pool 2019 MOD APK is a sport game developed by iWare Designs, and it is probably one of the most interesting and realistic pool emulators available on mobile devices.

The three-dimensional textured environments and accurate physics of the game will make players feel as if they were truly a part of the competition. The user-friendly interface allows you to learn the intricacies of the game quickly. Serious gamers will find the cue ball control of this game helpful as it lets you perform more advanced shots such as right spin, left spin, back spin, top spin, and ball swerves.

Common billiard variants including 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10-ball are available in this game and depending on the preferences of the player, tables with varying sizes are offered. Each game is based on the official rules of the WPA.

Game features

♦ Multiple languages are supported including English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Mexican Spanish and Canadian French.

♦ Full 3D physics at 30 FPS.

♦ Free local network multiplayer games.

♦ Accurate controls and incredible graphics.

♦ Free online multiplayer games.

♦ Full High Def 3D textured environments.

♦ In game tips and help.

♦ 20+ game achievement to be awarded during gameplay.

♦ Different camera views to choose from including Top Cushion, 3D, and Overhead views.

♦ Practice: Become conversant with the game by playing on your own without rules.

♦ League: Engage in a league event of more than seven rounds where the player with the highest points wins.

♦ Quick Play: Play against a friend or computer opponent in a custom match.

♦ Tournament: Test your skills in a four round knockout tournament event.

♦ Create three unique profiles to keep track of your statistics.

♦ Select any post shot camera of your choice through your player’s profile.

Conclusion: The detailed graphics, excellent image rendering as well as the smoothness of gameplay makes the game a great choice for both casual and serious gamers.

What's New

∙ Optimised for 60 Hz (With option for legacy 30 Hz).
∙ Compatibility support for Android 9 Pie.
∙ Compatibility support for notched screens through Android 9 Pie.
∙ Addition of new UK Pool Ball set.
∙ Addition of new US Pool Ball set.
∙ Addition of training Cue ball.
∙ Addition of Chinese 8-Ball Table.
∙ Reduced pocket bounce.
∙ Added free play reward system for Tournaments and Leagues.
∙ Game play enhancements.
∙ Bug fixes.

Extra Information

  • Developed by: iWare Designs Ltd.
  • Version: Varies with device
  • Downloads:
  • Android Requirements: Varies with device

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