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Nowadays, the market is crowded with many strategy games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Battle Beach, Clash of Lords, Jungle Heat and so on. However, here we have an another strategy game which a little bit different comparing with the mentioned games and this game is named Rapid Clash.

You as a Rapid Clash player, main job is to command a might force and enemy to a fierce siege warfare. In addition you also have the chance to experience different things such as fields, defenders war, sea warfare and so on. As you progress with the game, levels become harder to complete.

If you think you’re great in formulating strategic plans, then the game for you is the Rapid Clash MOD APK! Players get a chance to encounter both artificial intelligence as well as real-world enemies. In order to build up a strong town defense you need to choose different formations according to the moment. You have the chance to choose 36 famous including here 24 kinds of elite and 18 kinds of traps.

Rapid Clash MOD APK comes with a number of great additional features, including:

? The graphics are state of the art and the touch controls are as responsive as they come.

? I found the game’s controls are very easy to pick up.

? Daily rewards not even for top players but also for newbies.

Simply put, I had a great time playing Rapid Clash MOD APK and I highly recommend it to all of the current readers. Did you find this review useful? If so, be sure to come back often to learn more about other games like this one.

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