Riptide GP: Renegade 100,000+ APK


Not all games embrace their identity like Riptide Gp_ Renegade MOD APK. Designed by a team of aquatic racing veterans, this game showcases a true combination of mechanics and strategy. The game is incredibly fun as it has to do with racing on the water. Unlike driving on the road, players must be able to cut through the water and account for waves when playing this aquatic racing game. Along with the challenge of creating engaging courses, there is water physics to contend with in the game. No doubt, it’s an entirely different feeling, particularly when compared with car racing.

As a player, you will be racing on a strong array of courses which makes the entire game fun and accessible. The game is fun to race, with nine unique tracks with their own distinguishing themes. There are quite a good number of fantastical tracks for arcade racers. The Riptide Gp_ Renegade MOD APK is so beautifully enhanced that even if you are not a fan of aquatic racing you will still want to get involved. Unlike other game of this category, Riptide has improved and differentiated itself with quite a few fresh ideas. Some of the highlights include

? Competing with friends on leaderboards

? State of the art water racing with splash-tactic spray effects and breathtaking water physics

? Win money to upgrade and customize blisteringly fast hydro jets

? Test your skills against ghost recordings of your friends

? Take command of the leaderboards

? Play with up to 4 players on a single device

? Battling your way through to win the race

For those who want a good racer on Android, this is the easily the best aquatic racing game you can lay your hands on. Along with an online multiplayer mode, you’ve got a challenge mode, a quick race mode, and a career mode. Enjoy Riptide Gp_ Renegade MOD APK!

What's New

- Updated privacy and support settings
- SDK updates

Extra Information

  • Developed by: Vector Unit
  • Version: 100,000+
  • Downloads: Varies with device
  • Android Requirements: 1.2.1

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